Aftermarket Differential Manufacturers for Nearly 60 Years 

Auburn Gear, LLC. was organized in 1982. As a former division of a major US manufacturer, we have almost 60 years of gear manufacturing at our location in Auburn, Indiana. 

Our mission is to supply distributors across the country with high performance, American-made aftermarket differentials. Auburn Gear performance differentials are used on rugged overlanding excursions, drag race strips, work trucks and in beloved restoration projects that bring historic vehicles back to life.

Capabilities and Industries Served 

In addition to our automotive differential line, Auburn Gear corporate serves  customers who are international builders of vehicles and machinery for the automotive, truck, bus, aerial lift, agricultural, light and heavy construction, mining, forest products and marine industries.

Auburn Gear Company

Capabilities include full line design, development, test and manufacture of a wide range of geared products that include limited-slip differential and differential locker products. Facilities include development, gauge, gear and metallurgical laboratories. Production facilities on premises include the capability for turning, gear cutting, spline rolling, heat treat, shot peening and finished grinding. Our engineering team is collaborative, ensuring that our products meet the needs of our clients around the county and around the world.