546099 Ratio 2.92:1 & 3.23:1

Buick, Olds, Pontiac with 8.2″ ring gear.

Non “C” lock axle–27 tooth pinion spline. Will not fit “0” axle with 12 bolt cover and 10 bolt ring gear.

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Side Gear Spline Teeth

Bearing Cone

Bearing Cup


NOTE: Stock bearings are usually LM603049/ LM603012 for the ring gear side and LM501349/LM501314 for the opposite side. Some use LM501349/LM501314 for both sides. The Auburn Gear limited-slip differ

Make Model Year
GM Firebird 1967 - 1971
GM Olds F85 1964 - 1970
GM Tempest/GTO 1964 - 1971