Location of Limited Slip and Elocker Differentials

If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, your differential is in the rear, which is found between the wheels in the 3rd member drive axle housing.  The differential is connected to the drive shaft by a hypoid ring and drive pinion gear set.


Types of Rear Differentials

Auburn Gear offers limited slip, electronic limited slip-to-lock, and electronic open-to-lock differentials.  To provide optimal performance, each is tailor-made to fit the drive axle specifications including gear ratio, and side gear spline.


Limited Slip/Posi Differentials

Auburn Gears Grip-N-LocⓇ limited slip differentials distribute power torque to the wheel with more traction, limiting the slip on the wheel with little traction. These differentials are ideal for street, circle/strip, classic, and trucks.


Electronic Limited Slip to Lock and Open to Lock Differentials

The Auburn Gear Select-A-LocⓇ allows the driver to control the locking of their wheels with the simple touch of an on-and-off switch.  This electronically actuated action sends a signal to transfer power torque directly from the differential case to both wheels.  This transition allows the vehicle to experience a normal limited slip or open performance, to locked position.



Potential Signs of Differential Trouble

Here are possible signs that it’s time to get your differential looked at:

  • Difficulty in handling vehicle
  • Feel of grinding gears
  • Sounds of banging, clanging, rattling, and whining
  • Burning smells

Auburn Gear has a variety of master service kits available!


Investing in a Quality Differential

In summary, the differential is a key component in maximizing the performance you need (and paid for).  It’s important to invest in a quality product like the Auburn Gear differential that is USA-made and supported, and easily maintained for the life of the vehicle.


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Article provided by Greg Milentis, Auburn Gear Business Unit Manager, Differentials