If your Auburn Gear product is damaged within the warranty coverage period and you want to return the damaged product for replacement under the warranty you need to request a Return Goods Initiation (RGA) Number from Auburn Gear by using the form below.



RGA Initiation Form Instructions

Complete and submit the form below. Our Quality/Reliability Engineer will review, and if approved, will issue an RGA Number to you. When you receive your RGA Number you can ship your Returned Goods to Auburn Gear. When shipping, be sure that the RGA # is labeled clearly on the return package(s).


If material for this RGA is not received at Auburn Gear within 90 days from date of the RGA Number being issued, the RGA will be void.


When submitting an AG Differential for warranty evaluation the following must be completed:

1) Section I: Complete all fields

2) Section II Complete all Details

– Part number

– Qty

– Date in Service

– Date Code

– Application

– Detailed description of defect

Date Code Location and example: 018 (last three #’s of PN), A20 06 (Date Code)




3) Section III – If Credit is Allowed or Credit is Disallowed check what would apply for the material returned.

4) Section IV – If the product is replaced or to be returned and the ship-to address is different from Section I, please include the shipping address here.


Fill in this form and Return by email.

CLICK HERE for RGA Initiation Form