This Select-A-Loc® design locks the axle shafts to the differential housing to transfer torque directly from the differential case, NOT through the gears!


This electronically-actuated SELECT-A-LOC® Open to Full-Lock differential behaves like a standard open differential until placed in full lock mode. Our exclusive design promises exceptional traction for power sport enthusiasts and anyone driving in extreme conditions.

Select-A-Loc® offers many advantages over OEM differentials and other specialty differential brands:

  • Gearing is made from heat-treated hardened steel…tough, durable, and reliable in the most extreme conditions.
  • Heavy-duty construction and high-strength case material allow safe instant engagement while under full load (at speeds 5 mph or less).
  • Electronics provide lightning fast engagement and disengagement.
  • Select-A-Loc® is virtually silent when used with recommended lubricants.
  • Can be used in front axle applications, with or without lockout hubs.
  • Easy installation, no air compressor and hoses required; saves space and has less moving parts.
  • Backed with a 1 Year Warranty PLUS an Additional one-year warranty when used with Auburn Gear Differential Oil (see below).

How it Works… Select-A-Loc® Open to Lock

Select-A-Loc® is a selectable traction device featuring an ON/OFF switch mounted near the driver.  When OFF, the clutch pack, located behind the side gear, puts the differential into fully open mode.

 Electronic Full Lock Activation

The driver can easily activate Select-A-Loc’s locker mode by turning on the switch mounted inside the vehicle cab. This Select-A-Loc® design locks the axle shafts to the differential housing and thus transfers torque directly from the differential case, NOT through the gears for less risk of wear and tear to the gears.

With electronic activation you never have to worry about airlines or a compressor; you’ll never lose pressure so your locker will always activate and deactivate when needed. This also eliminates the cost of installing an air tank and air-lines. Without the tank you also have more room in your vehicle for other important off road necessities.


Select-A-Loc® is very much built for the street, providing smooth, quiet operation. In fact, Auburn Gear differentials were used as original equipment in the first muscle cars. Plus, they are aggressive enough to be used in other performance applications. However, when the Select-A-Loc® is in full-locker mode, you may experience some under, or push, steering.

What’s in the box!

Inside your Select-A-Loc® box are a number of important items:

  1. Select-a-Loc® Installation Manual. This detailed, illustrated manual walks you through the stages of installation, plus maintenance recommendations and operation instructions for safe and safe operation and disengagement.
  2. Auburn Gear Limited-Slip Additive. A 6 oz. bottle is included to help achieve maximum performance from your differential. The Select-A-Loc® Electronic Locking Differential designs have been extensively tested with high-quality Non-Synthetic 80W 90 hypoid oils treated with limited-slip friction additive.*
  3. Select-A-Loc® Decals. Two high-tack, long life decals are included to help show your pride in driving with an advanced American Made diff. Great for bumpers, tool boxes and more.
  4. And of course, your new Auburn Gear electronic locker … the Select-A-Loc®.

*We do not recommend synthetic oil.



Get maximum performance for all Auburn Gear differentials and other applications with our High Performance Diff Oil and receive an ADDITIONAL ONE-YEAR DIFFERENTIAL WARRANTY




We make our differentials and lockers right here in Auburn, Indiana with our homegrown workforce right here in the USA