One-of-a-kind electronically controlled differential lets you go from high performance limited-slip traction control to full-locker mode with the flip of a switch.

Proven at the King of the Hammers race and Moab!

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Select-A-Loc™ Electronic Locker Differential Advantages 

• Gearing is made from aircraft quality 9310 heat-treated billet steel…tough, durable, and reliable.

• High strength military-grade case design is essentially bullet proof. Heavy duty construction allows engagement while under load.

• Lightning fast engagement and disengagement. • Select-A-Loc™ is super quiet when using recommended lubricants.

• Can be used in front axle applications, with or without lockout hubs.

• No airlines! No problem. Select-A-Loc is electric, no compressor needed.

• Easy installation, no air compressor and hoses required; saves space and has less moving parts.

• Everything you need in one box: Electronic locking differential.

• Wiring Harness • Auburn Gear Limited-Slip Additive.

• Instructions.

• Backed with a 1 Year Warranty.

• Additional one-year differential warranty when used with Auburn Gear Differential Oil (see below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Select-A-Loc is NOT recommended for use with front axles that feature an “inter-axle disconnect.”


How it Works 

Select-A-Loc™ is a selectable traction device featuring an ON/OFF switch mounted near the driver. When OFF, the clutch pack (7), located behind the side gear (6), activates the limited-slip mode. As torque increases, the separating forces within the differential gears increases, causing the clutch pack to be compressed, providing bias torque to the high traction wheel. When selected on, current is sent to the electromagnetic coil (8). 

The coil is retained by a clip that fits over one of the bearing cap bolts, making it non-rotational. The coil rides on a ball bearing (9), and the ball bearings spin with the differential case (10). The coil creates a magnetic flux so that the pilot cone (1) is pulled into engagement with the differential case (10). This frictional engagement causes the bearing balls (2) to ride up on a ramp machined into the side gear (3). This radial travel of the balls (2) also causes lateral movement of the side gear (3). 

select a loc catalog graphic

The lateral movement of the side gear (3) applies a force onto the center block (4). The center block (4) has an elongated hole that the center pin (5) fits through, allowing it to float. The center block (4) also applies force to the opposite side gear (6) to compress the clutch pack (7) and provide the vehicle with a solid axle assembly and 100% transfer of torque to both wheels for maximum traction. NOTE: The side gear (3) is not included in the Master Install Kit. However, the pinion gears (*) are included. 

Choose Between Two Types of Patented  Select-A-Loc™ Electronic Locking Differentials that Feature Two Differentials in One Assembly 

Limited Slip Differential to Full Lock: This Select-A-Loc™ design features a “unique to the industry” electrically actuated, Limited Slip to Lock. 

Open Differential to Full Lock: This Select-A-Loc™ design locks the axle shafts to the differential housing and thus transfers torque directly from the differential case, NOT through the gears!


Select-A-Loc™ Electronic Locker Differential Service Kits

select a lock service kits chart

Limited-Slip Additive & Gear Oil

Use Auburn Gear limited-slip additive for maximum performance. A 6 oz. bottle is included with your Auburn Gear differential. Part #504102. The Auburn Gear limited-slip differential and Select-A-Loc™ Electronic Locking Differential designs have been extensively tested with high-quality Non-Synthetic 80W 90 hypoid oils treated with limited-slip friction additive. 

Three (3) oz. of Auburn Gear additive (part #504102) will treat one (1) quart of oil. 

To avoid differential clutch chatter (noise) and for optimum performance, use the oil and additive described above. Use of other additive and oil types may cause differential clutch chatter. We do not recommend synthetic oil. Auburn Gear limited-slip additive (a 6 oz. bottle) is packed in every box with the differential. 

Auburn Gear limited-slip additive is available at your local authorized Auburn Gear distributor.

Select-A-Loc™ FAQs

Can I repair the Select-A-Loc™ if I need to?

Yes. Depending upon your needs, several types of service kits are available. The gear service kit, locking mechanism kit, starter/ amateur kit and the universal wiring kit.

Can I tow my Select-A-Loc™?

It is NOT recommended that an Select-A-Loc™ be towed behind any vehicle unless the vehicle has hub lockouts or a trailer dolly or flatbed trailer is used. A trailer dolly is especially necessary if an Select-A-Loc has been installed in the front axle housing.

Can the Select-A-Loc™ be used in the front axles?

Select-A-Loc™ should not be used in front axles that have an inter-axle disconnect. On manual hub applications, both hubs are to be locked or unlocked. Do not lock one side and not the other. Differential damage can occur.

Can the Select-A-Loc™ be engaged on-the-fly?

Yes, at reasonable speeds. The wheel speed difference between the wheels should be below 50 RPM to prevent impact loads to the drivetrain. It is recommended that the Select-A-Loc™ not be engaged if one wheel is completely off the ground or pavement.

How is the Select-A-Loc™ activated?

The Select-A-Loc™ is activated by turning on the mounted switch inside the vehicle. When off, the limited-slip function responds automatically when torque is applied.

Is a relay necessary for Select-A-Loc™ operation?

The Select-A-Loc™ switch is more than capable of managing the current that the Select-A-Loc™ requires. No need for a relay.

Can I purchase the wiring harness for the Select-A-Loc™?

Yes, the wiring harness is universal to fit any vehicle, and can be purchased separately.

Is the Select-A-Loc™ and/or limited-slip streetable?

All Auburn Gear differentials are very streetable. Both the Select-A-Loc™ and the limited-slip provide smooth, quiet operation. In fact, Auburn Gear differentials were used as original equipment in the first muscle cars. Plus, they are aggressive enough to be used in other performance applications. When the Select-A-Loc™ is in full-locker mode, you may experience some under or push steering.

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Get maximum performance for all Auburn Gear differentials and other applications with our High Performance Diff Oil and receive an ADDITIONAL ONE-YEAR DIFFERENTIAL WARRANTY




We make our differentials and lockers right here in Auburn, Indiana with our homegrown workforce right here in the USA