One-of-a-kind electronically controlled differential lets you go from highperformance limited-slip traction control to full-locker mode with the flip of a switch.

Proven at the King of the Hammers race and Moab!

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Select-A-Loc™ gives you:

OPEN DIFFERENTIAL TO FULL LOCK: Locks the axle shafts to the differential housing, transferring torque directly from the differential case, NOT through the gears!
LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL TO FULL LOCK: A “unique-to-the-industry” electrically actuated, Limited Slip to Lock.

• Gearing is made from aircraft quality 9310 heat-treated billet steel…tough, durable, and reliable.

• High strength military-grade case design is essentially bullet proof. Heavy duty construction allows engagement while under load.

• Lightning fast engagement and disengagement. • Select-A-Loc™ is super quiet when using recommended lubricants.

• Can be used in front axle applications, with or without lockout hubs.

• No airlines! No problem. Select-A-Loc is electric, no compressor needed.

• Easy installation, no air compressor and hoses required; saves space and has less moving parts.

• Everything you need in one box: Electronic locking differential.

• Wiring Harness • Auburn Gear Limited-Slip Additive.

• Instructions.

• Backed with a 1 Year Warranty.

• Additional one-year differential warranty when used with Auburn Gear Differential Oil (see below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Select-A-Loc is NOT recommended for use with front axles that feature an “inter-axle disconnect.”


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Get maximum performance for all Auburn Gear differentials and other applications with our High Performance Diff Oil and receive an ADDITIONAL ONE-YEAR DIFFERENTIAL WARRANTY




We make our differentials and lockers right here in Auburn, Indiana with our homegrown workforce right here in the USA