Cone Clutch Type Differentials 

Auburn Gears Grip-N-Loc limited-slip differentials provide superior performance through a unique cone-clutch design that transfers more power to the high-traction wheel for quick acceleration and tight cornering. 

To achieve superb power torque transfer, the use of a cone clutch and bevel side gear are coupled together to create friction.

As power torque is transmitted through the side gears to the drive axle shafts, both the side gear separating forces and preloaded spring firmly seats the cones into the differential case. The cone design, along with applied force, determines the power torque transfer capability of the differential.  

When power torque levels decrease, as in a cornering maneuver, the gear separating forces also decrease, allowing the drive axle shafts to rotate independently. This divides the power torque between the two wheels, delivering more power torque (bias torque) to the wheel with the most traction.

The cone clutch design allows for more clutch capacity in the same space and is less likely to chatter due to the reduced number of sliding surfaces. This means higher power torque transfer for better traction, without the noise. 

cone clutch catalog image

What is Clutch Chatter?

Clutch chatter occurs when the clutch cone engages and disengages rapidly in the differential case. It causes no damage and can be cured by using the Auburn Gears High Performance Gear Oil and friction modifier additive. Clutch chatter is caused by the difference between the static (non-slipping) friction coefficient and the dynamic (slipping) friction coefficient. When the difference becomes too great, the clutch cone cycles between the two (sticking and slipping), which creates the noise.

Friction modifiers bring the static and dynamic friction coefficients closer together to minimize chatter. Auburn Gear recommends using Auburn Gear limited-slip friction modifier additive (#504102) with a high-performance non-synthetic 80W 90 GL-5 hypoid oil (#504107).


What Differential Will Help Me Realize the Most Performance?

Auburn Gears differentials are the preferred solution for street/strip/track and off-roading/rock crawling!

For additional information on finding the product that will best suit your situation, check out Auburn Gear’s differential product catalog, contact form, or talk with your local qualified local Wholesale Distributor or Retailer.

This is intended to be general information.  If you would like to learn more about this topic from Auburn Gear, please don’t hesitate to get ahold of us through Auburn Gear’s contact form.

Article provided by Greg Milentis, Auburn Gear Business Unit Manager, Differentials