Differential Manufacturers in the USA

Auburn Gear is, and has always been, a differential gear manufacturer proudly based in Auburn, Indiana, once the pioneering home base of the American automobile industry where Auburn, Duesenberg and Cord built great American machines. While today, most differential brands are manufactured outside the U.S.A., we are proud to display the American Made label on almost every product we offer to auto enthusiasts across the country.

Get American Quality, Support American Jobs

With Auburn Gear, buying American is a proud way to enjoy an exceptional, precision-built aftermarket differential that serves your lifestyle and everyday driving needs. You will also be supporting American manufacturing and American jobs.

Today, while we remain proud of our rich auto industry heritage, Auburn Gear is a gear manufacturer in the USA that has moved forward with a broad line of the most advanced-technology products, rivaling and surpassing other differential brands. Our stringent quality control and skilled workforce produce the most durable, highest quality differentials on the market.

Choose American Made Differentials 

You have many diffs to choose from and we are excited to offer you the most iconic of all brands as well as the most dependable products for whatever road- or trail-hugging lifestyle you enjoy. Whether you race, rally, off-road, overland, restore, tow or simply need a hard working truck for work, Auburn Gear helps you get the most out of your vehicle. Take pride in your ride and take pride in being American Made!