As vehicle technology has advanced, new barriers to a fair repair market have emerged. It’s essential for independent repair shops that we break down barriers to vehicle repair by allowing greater access to the critical information, tools and parts needed for modern vehicle repairs.

Why is this so important, now? Over 5,000 diagnostic codes are required to repair and maintain vehicles. Roughly 37% of vehicles have at least one repair limited by data access.

This hurts your business! It’s time to raise your voice and make a difference.

It takes less than a minute to make a significant impact.

1. Click on the link below.
2. Type in your address to locate your lawmakers.
3. The tool will automatically create a letter to your congressman, or you can modify it as you wish.
4. Click “Send” — It’s that easy!

Take Action – Tell Congress: Support Right to Repair! – Auto Care Association Advocacy Center (