Auburn Gear is and has always been, a differential gear manufacturer proudly based in Auburn, Indiana.

Here is what our customers are saying about us.

I love the Dana 70 Auburn Gear Select-A-Loc electronic locker!  It provides the strong traction I need for my off-roading experience

S Montle


I’m a fan of the Auburn Gear differential.  I especially love their solid 4-pinion limited slip design!

Allan S.

Michigan Car Enthusiast

Auburn has worked in both my daily drivers and racecars, from 250HP to 723HP.  They have never let me down!

Emmett M.

Enthusiast, Summit Racing Equipment

We really like working with the Auburn Gear team because of their timely responses.

Audre G.

Enthusiast, Summit Racing Equipment

We use Auburn Gear differentials in our applications because of their quality, reliability, and performance!

Ben H.

Enthusiast, Richard Childress Manufacturing Solutions

The carrier inadvertently damaged my box to the Auburn Gear differential for my 1970 Chevelle.  Auburn Gears U.S.A. located Sales Support was super helpful in supplying the small pieces needed to get my classic ride up and running!

Chad B.

Chevrolet Car Owner