Tips For Maintaining Your USA-made Auburn Gear Limited Slip/Posi or Electronic Locker

Understanding Your Investment

You’ve heard it said, “you get what you pay for”.  When you purchased your Auburn Gear differential, you made your purchase based on criteria that include the location of the manufacturer, performance, and little to no maintenance requirement on the unit.


When you made your investment, you received a product and support:  All Operations in the USA (engineering, manufacturing, and Sales support), a case that is 50% stronger than the OE, a 4-pinion option on many of the differentials, no compressor or lines to deal with, and an advanced cone clutch technology that provides a smooth, 25% in bias ratio/increased traction.


Proceed Through Water with Caution

One of the best parts of off-roading is the unpredictability and the mud and water that comes along with it.

However, driving through too much water can cause differential failure.  This is the result of a water quench, quickly cooling the drive axle and the vent tube comes a vacuum that sucks in water.  Utilizing the recommended oils and covers (designed with cooling fins), help mitigate the situation especially if you are frequently in and out of water.

Avoiding heavily flooded areas can help extend the life of your differential!


Avoid Abuse of Equipment

Under normal conditions, the Auburn Gear differential will last the life of the vehicle.

To extend the life, make sure it is being used for the conditions it was designed for.  Larger tires, for instance, add more pressure to the power torque.


Vehicle Maintenance Helps to Identify Potential Issues

Differential breakdowns can be prevented with vehicle maintenance.  Several common issues, like quaking and vibrating during accelerating can occur due to issues within other parts of the drivetrain like a misaligned driveshaft or worn u-joints.


Maintaining the Auburn Gear differentials with their high-performance non-synthetic 80W 90 GL-5 hypoid oil (#504107) is very important.  The Auburn Gear limited-slip friction modifier additive (#504102) is used with the limited slip/posi differentials related to the cone clutch system.


What Differential Will Help Me Realize the Most Performance?

Auburn Gears differentials are the preferred solution for street/strip/track and off-roading/rock crawling!


For additional information on finding the product that will best suit your situation, check out Auburn Gear’s differential product catalog, contact form, or talk with your local qualified local Wholesale Distributor or Retailer.


This is intended to be general information.  If you would like to learn more about this topic from Auburn Gear, please don’t hesitate to get ahold of us through Auburn Gear’s contact form.

Article provided by Greg Milentis, Auburn Gear Business Unit Manager, Differentials